iOS 6 Running on iPad Shows Up in Web Logs

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While we are still awaiting the release of iOS 5.1, it seems that Apple has already begun testing iOS 6 internally. According to a report published by Ars Technica browser agent strings showing up as iPads running iOS 6.0 have appeared on their server logs.

It’s worth noting that user agent strings can easily be faked however, in order to make sure that these iPads could indeed be running iOS 6 Ars Technica filtered their logs to show only those entries coming from IPs assigned to Apple’s headquarter.

[W]e began looking at iPad user agents coming from Apple’s corporate IP block in Cupertino and discovered that Apple appears to be surfing the Web using iPads running what looks like iOS 6.0. The whole listing shows iPads running iOS 5, iOS 5.0.1 (the current public release), iOS 5.1 (the upcoming release currently available to developers), and iOS 6. The iPads that appear to be running iOS 6 are also using a slightly newer build of WebKit—the older OSes all show WebKit 534.46, while the ones claiming to be iOS 6 show WebKit build 535.8.

It’s no surprise that Apple could already be working on the next major software update for iOS devices. Apple introduced iOS 5 during WWDC last year and could be looking at announcing iOS 6 during this years developers conference. Since, iOS now accounts for a major part of Apple’s revenue stream introducing iOS 6 in front of over 5,000 Apple developers feels like the right choice for the Cupertino, Calif. based company.

The report further goes onto mention that the server logs also referenced a 2048×1536 screen resolution device however, it couldn’t be verified if the device in question was iPad 3. MacRumors points out that even if iPad 3 has retina display it should have still shown as 1024×768 as the “higher pixel density [is] intended to increase sharpness rather than screen real estate”.

iOS 6 is expected to be made available to users around fall this year just like iOS 5 was first introduced during WWDC and then released during fall.

{via MacRumors}


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