iOS 6 Maps Reportedly Getting Yelp Check-In Feature

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During Apple’s annual WWDC conference, SVP of iOS Software, Scott Forstall showed off some of the over 200 features in the upcoming version of iOS 6. One of the key parts of the event was the redesigned version of the company’s Maps application, available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. With the elimination of Google maps services on the new iOS 6 application, Apple went ahead to integrate certain features such as Yelp and also enhance the user experience in locating stores and other retail locations.

Earlier this week, a report from Bloomberg mentioned that Apple is likely integrating Yelp check ins directly into the Maps application. This would allow users to easily track their location in Maps and then check in to the restaurant or venue they go to, right away.

At this point, neither Yelp nor Apple have confirmed that this feature is in fact part of the Maps update in iOS 6. However, if Yelp Check-In is added to Maps, it can also be assumed that other features such as Facebook Places may become part of Maps with iOS-wide Facebook integration being one of the big features.

Other location services such as Foursquare can also be integrated, although Yelp is currently the only service rumored to be part of the redesigned Maps application in iOS 6. Yelp has been part of Siri on the iPhone 4S since its introduction last year and will expand to give more information on reviews, prices, and locations. With Yelp Check-In and Yelp on Siri, discovering new restaurants and venues will likely be simplified over voice commands.

The final public release of iOS 6 is expected to be released during the same October timeframe of the next generation iPhone 5, as both will likely be released together.

{Image Credit: 9to5Mac}


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