Apple’s iOS 5 to feature Twitter Integration?

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Apple’s next generation software, iOS 5 will be unveiled during the WWDC keynote presentation on June 06. Apple recently confirmed that Steve Jobs will kick off the event.¬†According to the latest reports Twitter is expected to be integrated at system-level in iOS 5. Twitter Inc. on Wednesday announced its own image services and the announcement is perfectly timed as iOS could be leveraging this functionality in iOS 5.

The latest offering from Twitter not only allows you to upload and share images but also presents them in search results using hashtags. Given the interest in photography apps and iPhone being the most used device to upload images to flickr we can certainly see the system-level twitter integration being a huge hit among avid twitter users.

If rumors are to be believed then Apple could be looking at building somthing called “MediaStreams” which will allow users set up “Photo Streams” and allow users’ friends to ‘subscribe’ or ‘follow’ for updates. The Cupertino based company could also be looking at introducing “Find my friends” which will be closely tied to the new social networking features.

We have been reporting on various rumors which outline the upcoming features in iOS 5. It is widely believed that iOS 5 will introduce a new notification system, widgets, cloud services tied and a completely revamped MobileMe.

Twitter and other social networking platforms being integrated at a system-level in iOS 5 certainly sounds very exciting and it will be interesting to see what Apple has in store for us.


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