iOS 5 Beta 4 Brings Over the Air (OTA) Update to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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iOS 5 beta 4 over the air delta update

Apple on Friday released iOS 5 beta 4 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The latest beta release brings the highly anticipated over the air (OTA) delta update to iOS devices.

Apple during WWDC keynote event announced more than 200 new features in iOS 5 but, previewed just 10 key enhancements. The company wants users to truly experience the post-PC era and is finally cutting the cord for iOS devices. With the fifth major release of Apple’s mobile operating system users will be able to sync, transfer data, update their devices and do much more without connecting their device to a computer. 

It’s worth noting that when we tried to download the update the iPad alerts the user if the device has less than 50% battery charge. Connecting the device to a power source let us download and update the device. The update was just 128MB for iPod touch as OTA update are released as delta updates. 

Downloading the update over 3G is also possible however, given the fact that most carriers offer limited data plans it would probably be better to get the update over WiFi. 

We noticed a few error messages while trying to manually check for the update but that may have been due to initial issues in Apple’s server. 

Overall, it’s great to see that Apple has been listening to its customers and iOS 5 will certainly help Apple stay in the lead. 


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