iOS 4.3 Beta Indicates Wireless Syncing, Photo Booth and More

After a little digging around in Apple’s latest iOS 4.3 SDK and firmware, it has been revealed that the next major update for the iPhone 4, fourth gen iPod touch, and iPad could introduce wireless syncing, a sports training program, and the Photo Booth application. In addition, it could also boast a ‘quick look’ feature similar to that in OS X which would enable the user to preview files and attachments without actually launching dedicated apps.

The discoveries were made by programmer Chris Galzerano, who has published his findings on his blog, and arguably the most exciting of the discoveries is the ability to sync our devices with iTunes wirelessly, which is something I’m sure every iOS user is eagerly anticipating. Steve Jobs did confirm back in June that the feature would “someday” be introduced to Apple’s devices. Galzerano’s blog reads:

After looking in the accessibility and privateframeworks folder in the system folder, I noticed some things. There is a 100% chance of Photobooth on iOS. There is a private framework for photobooth effects and there is an accessibility bundle. There will also be a sports training app for workouts. There are 3 private frameworks relating to it and an accessibility bundle. iOS 4.3 may also have QuickLook, which is a feature in Mac OS X. There is also a framework for wireless syncing. In the image for the wireless sync, it shows the regular syncing (MobileSync.frmaework). Then, it shows the wireless sync (MobileWirelessSync.framework).

As exciting as Galzerano’s findings may be, it might be a good idea not to get our hopes up just yet. 9to5 Mac’s Mark Gurman believes that Galzerano’s findings are nothing new, and that the frameworks discovered are easily explained.

Gurman does support the claim that Photo Booth will be introduced in the next iOS update, but he says that this is news that has been doing the rounds for a while. With regards to the ‘QuickLook’ framework, Gurman says this is for opening attachments within emails, and the ‘sports trainer’ framework refers to the Nike+ application and its capabilities, and has been a part of the iOS firmware for some time. Gurman also explains that the wireless syncing framework is simply a part of the existing MobileMe syncing features.

It certainly looks like we’ll get Photo Booth for iOS with the 4.3 update, if not a lot else, however, if Gurman’s correct, we may be waiting for wireless syncing for a little while longer.

Wi-Fi Sync app already exists in the cydia app. Last year in April we reported that Greg Hughes, a Computer Science student at the University of Birmingham, who developed W-Fi syncing app for iPhone didn’t break any App Store rules however Apple still didn’t approve his app.

If you’d like to know more about Galzerano’s findings, visit his blog here, and let us know what you think!


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