iOS 4 to be Available For Apple iPad In November

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This Thursday, iAds will go live on iOS apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. iAds, as Steve Jobs put it, will deliver “interaction and emotion,” to the mobile advertisment experience. Advertising Age reported that “a check-in with declared iAd advertisers found that many are still in the early stages of flushing out concepts and creative.”

The report added that “some are weeks — perhaps months — away from having an iAd in the system.” It indicated “an agency exec with several iAds in the works,” as stating, “most advertisers won’t be there on July 1; there just isn’t enough time,” an issue Apple can partly be blamed for.

The report stated that Apple is taking care of “all the technical production of iAds, and telling agencies it will take six to eight weeks to produce an ad after the creative is produced.”

Apple selected July 1st for iAds release date, and “doesn’t necessarily coincide with the objectives of the marketers themselves,” the report said. Apple is telling marketers that the iPad won’t be on the iAd platform until November.

At WWDC earlier this month, Steve Jobs announced that a special build of iOS 4 would be released for iPad users later in the year, bringing support for iAd, as well as features ranging from multitasking and related background services to Home page Folders and a variety of new developer APIs.


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