Apple Planning iOS 4.3 Release Before Christmas?

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It’s fairly widely known by now that Apple is planning a December event at which it is expected to launch subscription payment packages for newspapers and magazines. This is all bundled up in a deal between News Corp. (Rupert Murdoch’s media empire) and Apple, and the launch of what is supposed to be a groundbreaking “Daily” e-paper for the iPad.

In order to bring these new subscription packages to iOS users it is quite likely that the existing version of iOS is going to be updated. Almost certainly engineers working inside Apple, and also News Corp.’s super secret crack team of iPad developers are using a new set of APIs in iOS designed to bring a “new kind” of subscription based electronic publication to mobile devices. And that version is expected to ultimately become iOS 4.3 and hit end users around the time of Apple’s December event.

At which point Apple is expected to ramp up all of its cloud based services (although what exactly that means is not clear), which will include delivering the News Corp / Apple “Daily” to lucky subscribers.

MacStories have some background on Apple’s planned iOS launch schedule, and how the WiFi bug that delayed iOS 4.2 being released may have closed up the gap between OS revisions. Because of that bug in iOS 4.2 its release was delayed until this week, rather than a planned release in early November. Which would have then fed into an orderly further update in December for the subscription goodies.

It is unclear if the WiFi bug has put Apple’s development of iOS back. But it is unlikely. However, your run of the mill iOS developers (outside of Apple’s chosen ones) have not seen an early build of iOS 4.3 yet. But that is perhaps not that surprising if Apple wants to keep the subscription changes in iOS under their hats until the last minute.

Either way we should be getting some more iOS goodness of some kind for Christmas…

Is the “Daily” something you would buy into? Are you expecting anything else with iOS 4.3? Perhaps more AirPrint options? Have your say in the comments.

[via 9to5 Mac]


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  • Leo

    This is some kind of saks…Why only with HP? …I have great printer as Epson 610 and i paid 200.00..Now apple thinking i will go and buy hp for iphone 4?….Never, and i hate already this kind of saks things…They hate to care about people, they think only about them …Steve Jobs, your last update is great, but, every time, there is some thing wrong, there is missing some thing more more and more..Some people using Epson, or other kind of nice printers, and they cant print fom iphone ? or Ipad?…because apple maybe made some deal with HP?…ha ha ha..Yes thats 100% true…Thanks any ways

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