iOS 4.2 Improves Apple iPhone 3G Performance?

Hands-on tests of the iPhone 3G with the golden master of Apple’s iOS 4.2 software installed have indicated that performance on the second-generation device is much improved.

The iOS 4.2 software which is due for release later this month was tested in the video below and seems to be an improvement upon previous firmwares while web browsing in Safari, using Street View in Google Maps, and under general use – all of which seems to be a lot snappier.

Following a long list of complaints, many unhappy customers, and one lawsuit, Apple has already addressed the dismal performance of the iPhone 3G under iOS 4.0 with iOS 4.1, which has been a definite improvement. However, 4.2 promises to further advance the device’s performance.

Unsurprisingly, Apple are still yet to bring some recent iOS features to the aging device like multitasking, Game Centre and home screen wallpapers.


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  1. Don’t blame the ram on iPhone 3G until can’t support home wallpaper, even a nokia 2g phone does support it!!! Steve job sucks!!!

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