iOS 4.2 AirPlay For All Apps With AirVideoEnabler [Jailbreak]

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One of the most eagerly anticipated features of iOS 4.2 was AirPlay – the technology that allows streaming video and audio from iOS devices to an Apple TV. The thought of throwing video from an iPad to the big screen TV was the main reason this blogger went out and bought a new Apple TV, despite already owning the first generation. There was only one problem: AirPlay was crippled. Until now.

Perhaps crippled is a strong word, but it’s fairly accurate. You see, while most apps can utilise AirPlay’s audio streaming just fine, but when it comes to video, only the built-in YouTube and Videos apps work. My plans to stream live TV from my iPad to my TV have been scuppered!

But fear not, for the intrepid jailbreaker can actually get around this limitation thanks to AirVideoEnabler, which can be found on developer Zone-MR’s repository ( Once installed, video can be played from 3rd party apps, along with Safari which could possibly open the door for streaming services to work just as we’d all hoped in the first place!

Not all apps will work however, with some giving the spinning beach ball on the big screen, and others just point blank refusing to start the video, claiming encoding issues. Hopefully something can get worked out here, or whether it be an issue with the apps, the jailbreak tweak or the Apple TV itself. Perhaps once jailbroken ATVs start to be more widespread there will be a better way of doing things?

Fingers crossed – the future’s bright!



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