iOS 4.0.1 for iPhone 4 to be released today?

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Most people had assumed that iOS 4.1, released to developers yesterday, was actually the update that we should be looking at for hopes of a fix for the iPhone 4 reception issue. It does seem likely that any “fix” would have already been rolled into that developer build. It is hard for me to comment though as I don’t have any issues with iPhone 4 reception. I can confirm that the signal bars look subtly different in 4.1, but that is all.

However, according to Apple plan to release a minor point upgrade to iOS 4 for everyone later today. It will be iOS 4.0.1. It is just possible it has come from a different team inside Apple. Developer OS updates, and consumer ones are not done from one build after all and developers have not seen iOS 4.0.1.

It seems unlikely though that this will do any more than change the cosmetic appearance of the signal bars on our devices. And implement the new signal strength algorithm that Apple announced they would be using in their Press Release about iPhone 4 reception issues.

But those who are affected can still hope.

Let us know in the comments how it goes for you when you get your copy of iOS 4.01.



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