Instagram Goes Up Against Vine Adds Video Support

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Instagram recently updated its iPhone app with video support, enabling more than 130 million users to upload and share video clips on Instagram. Video sharing comes to Instagram as Twitter’s Vine has become increasingly popular to share short clips with loops.

Facebook unveiled Instagram’s video sharing feature with enhancements such as brand new filters for video and even adding “cinematic stabilisation” to the video capture feature. The length of the entire video clip can be just 15 seconds while it can be taken in parts to cover a entire scene or event.

The videos shared by users appears in the same timeline as before with just a play icon on top right. By default auto-play option is enabled so as you scroll to a video and lift your finger the video auto-plays. However, in the settings options you can disable auto-play option.

Instagram has paid attention to a lot of detail while building the video sharing capability. If your phone is on silent the sound of the video will be on mute and the volume can be controlled by the volume rocker switch on your phone.

Initial reaction to the addition of video appeared to be quite positive on Instagram as people started recording their first video saying “bye” to vine. And many photos with the screenshot of vine being deleted from the users’ phone. If this wasn’t enough to showcase the success of the new feature, Facebook also confirmed to hit 5 million video uploads in just the first 24 hours of the launch.

Instagram has certainly gone up against Vine and has introduced a few nice enhancements which it hopes will encourage more people to share video moments. It will be interesting to see what new features will be added in the near future as Facebook continues to roll out its mobile strategy.


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