Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone iPhone game Review

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Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone Rating: ★★★★★

Com2uS Corp. already have some popular and critically acclaimed games in the iTunes App Store with Homerun Battle 3D and Sniper Vs Sniper: Online being two of their best. However they aren’t kicking up their heels, instead they have released Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone, the follow up to Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor which had mixed reviews. RPG’s aren’t new to the App Store with Hybrid: Eternal WhisperDungeon Hunter and Zenonia being 3 of the most popular, however if you yet to delve into the RPG genre on your iPhone Inotia 2 reminds me most of the old school classic Zelda which I spent many hours playing in as a young man.

Inotia 2 is another RPG game but with the added bonus of having online functionality allowing you to challenge the rest of the world with your character and become the Inotia 2 champion. Given that there are 200 different single player missions as well as the online option this RPG promises to take up many hours of your gaming time.

The graphics in Inotia 2 have been greatly improved from it’s predecessor and it’s traditional top down RPG style looks very stylish and if you’ve played this type of game before you will feel right at home. You start the game as one of 5 characters, a Knight, Magician, Priest, Thief or Templar each of which bring a different set of skills to the table. Once you’ve selected your character you can set their six attributes via the roll of a die. Rolling the die sets your attribute values randomly and you can re-roll as many times as you like. While this method does work I would have preferred to have been able to manually set my character attributes based on certain limitations of course. Next, set and confirm your characters name and you are ready to delve into Inotia 2.

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You start you quest in the village of Luone, which consists of just a few buildings. The are two options for navigating your character around the landscape. The first option is Direct Touch where you simply touch the screen and your character will move to that location while touching another character will start a conversation or initiate a battle depending on whether or not they are a friend or foe. The other option is via a virtual D-pad, with this enabled you control your character with the D-pad that appears in the bottom left corner of the screen and all interactions are then initiated via an action button. Both options work well and personal preference will determine which you use rather than any flaw in either system.

The first task is to register as a mercenary which will allow you to take on other jobs and build your characters skills. The challenges start off easily and you can use the map in the top right corner of the screen to help navigate you to your destinations. One of you first jobs will see you slaying 10 wolfs and this will give you an early introduction to the battle system. After finding the wolves you simply engage with them, either by touching them or clicking the action button while standing next to them, and the battle will automatically take place.

For some the battle method will not be interactive enough as you simply watch your character and opponent battle it out. You can change some options and renew your health, which you will need to do as even these early foes can cause quite a bit of damage, I like this method but it won’t be for everyone. Battles against single characters are relatively straight forward but as you progress through the game you will soon find your self facing multiple enemies at the same time. If you’ve progressed far enough to have a party working with you this makes things easier as they will attack enemies too, however fighting multiple enemies on your own can become challenging especially because your character won’t automatically lock onto the different enemies even if one is killed.

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Customizing your character is a major part of Inotia 2 and one that has been handled very well via a great range of options and a sleek menu navigation system. Your equipment, including your clothes and weapons can be changed, upgraded and swapped with the statistics of each easily displayed making choices very easy. You start the game with 12 slots for carrying your inventory in, this soon fills up but can also be expanded as you progress through the game. In addition any quest specific items are stored in a separate section and therefore you’re other slots can be left untouched.

You will have a range of skills to gain also all of which can be leveled up to give you great powers. From your basic Assassin’s Sword which you start the game with to Smoke Bombs and a Killer Instinct managing these will enable you to progress through the game the way you want too. The final page of the menu system will list your active quests and all of this is just a single click away. Even for RPG newbies there is no risk of getting lost even with the multitude of options available to you.

The game plays extremely well with a nice balance of activities to keep things interesting and that’s even before heading into the online option where you can take your characters into the online arena to battle other peoples characters in a battle to the death. The online part of Inotia 2 is played via Match Up Mode. After launching Match Up Mode you’ll need to select the save game slot which contains the character you would like to battle with.

While you use the same character that you have built up in Story Mode any damage you do to yourself in the online mode does not affect your character in Story Mode. However it is worth noting that if you enter the battle arena without playing the story mode a bit to build up your character you are going to find it hard to hold your on online. Just as with the online functionality of the other Com2uS titles I found the Inotia 2 online mode to be great fun. It is very responsive and in the games that I played suffered no lag or dropped connections.

Coins can be earned in the online mode too which can be spent on power-ups and healing potions and even if you complete the 200 missions of the Story Mode the challenge of Match Up Mode will keep you coming back to Inotia 2 for a long time to come.

Inotia 2 A Wanderer of Loune is a masterclass in RPG gaming fun with plenty of depth, variety, customizations and an engaging storyline all adding up to great value for money.

The Good

  • Great looking RPG style graphics
  • Choice of control options
  • Hours and hours of action
  • Online battles

The Not So Good

  • Attribute setting can be monotonous
  • Automatic battles can be limited
  • Battling multiple enemies can be tricky

Price: $7.99 as of Jan 07, 2010 (iTunes Store Link)
Version reviewed: 1.0.2
Size: 57.1 MB
Seller: Com2uS Corp.

Reviewed by: Craig Willis

Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone (iPhone / iPod Touch) Tutorial


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    We just posted our review after playing through the entire game. It’s quite long, but does the length of the game make it fun or boring?

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