First In-Game Video Of Plushed In Motion

 In Preview


Checkout the very first in-game video of Plushed.


The video shows the special way of direct interaction between the player and the world. In the first scene the bunny collects a Pizza. After that the player drags the Pizza around which wakes the Pizza Eater up. Then, in order to reach the Ladybug-coins, the player has to “feed” the Pizza Eater by dropping the Pizza above his head so that the Pizza Eater can be used as a trampoline.

This scene makes the unique interaction of the game (in the game the player will have the possibility to interact with pizzas, mirrors, keys and more), which is used in the same way in the further levels, very understandable.

Putting people’s suggestions on Twitter into action blacksmith games decided to implement three different possibilities for character movement. The first one is tilting-control, the second one is using a D-Pad and the last possibility is a kind of touch control.


After the announcement of the “decide the price” contest more and more people followed blacksmith games on Twitter, the current introductory price for Plushed is $3,99. But there are some good news! The “decide the price contest” will be extended until August 29 so that the final introductory price can be even lower!

Plushed will be available on App Store in September/October 2009.

Plushed Screenshots


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