Infinity Blade Updated with New Equipment, In-App Purchases and Santa Hat!

 In iPhone

The super popular iOS Unreal Engine based medieval hack and slash app “Infinity Blade” (View in iTunes) has been blessed with a Christmas update.

The inevitable in-app purchases have reared their ugly head and you can now purchase gold in the game. But Epic have also added more headroom for those of you nearing the app’s level cap of 40. You can now advance to level 45.

On top of that there is more equipment to master, in the form of five new swords, five new shields, some new armour and helmets. As well as a new enemy called “Marrow Fiend”.

Epic have also got into the Christmas spirit with one of the new helmets called “Holiday Helm” being “Santa-themed”.┬áHave you pulled down the new update yet? What do you think? Have your say in the comments


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