Epic Games’ “Infinity Blade” for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Hits App Store

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“Infinity Blade” is Epic Game’s Unreal Engine based Action-RPG for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It has been as eagerly anticipated as much as id’s “Rage : Smash TV”. Early comments are that it looks and plays great, makes good use of iDevice control options, but again lacks the first person roaming depth and scope that many are hoping to see from iOS games now.

I lost an arm wrestle with our editor, and so he is going to review “Infinity Blade”. We thought an arm wrestle was fair, and far less dangerous than actually fighting to the death with ancient swords. We are geeks after all.

If you can’t wait for the review and want to play some virtual sword fighting then it is available right now here for $5.99.

Have you tried “Infinity Blade” yet?┬áLet us know it the comments…


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  • Rmontalbo5

    bad ass game but all it needs is more of what it already has. this could be the basis of a large franchise

  • Mr Keithterror

    this game is amazing. by far the best i have purchased for my ipod touch 4g. the gameplay is rather repetitive, but it never gets boring. i would buy it again and recommend it to all my friends.

  • Kyle Durie

    I downloaded it yesterday morning and it blew my mind. The graphics were breath taking and the combat system is interactive and fun to use. The only downfalls I would say is that it does get a little repetitive after a few bloodlines and there isn’t a free-roam feature. And like John said, It was a pretty short game play. I thought so because the game environment wasn’t as big as it could have been.

  • John Dixons

    played it and was really really good. However I beat it in about 2 hours.

    • Anonymous

      I am curious about your impressions…

      Would you prefer a more lengthy dungeon crawling format to games like this? So more like Oblivion or WoW?

      You said you finished the game in 2 hours. Was that enough (for the type of game it is) ?

      Do you think you would keep playing a First Person RPG that had the depth of something like Oblivion, if it was on an iPhone?

      • Couponcouponuk

        I think I would most definitely. It was just too short on the iPad. I loved the format in terms of NOT using the horrible virtual D-Pad, give me an extremely long immersive experience with the same gameplay and I’m all over it!

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