Infinity Blade 2 Review: The Standard Bearer of iPhone and iPad Gaming

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Rating: ★★★★½

Infinity Blade 2 ReviewReviews are all about a persons honest opinion of a game and because of that I feel that I have a confession to make, I never played the original Infinity Blade, I know, pretty incredible right, one of the biggest games in iOS history, gorgeous graphics, intuitive controls and from what I read an engrossing storyline all combined to provide a ground breaking game.

But not for me, and because of that I come to Infinity Blade 2 with a slightly different perspective to many of the reviews out there and with some specific questions too.

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Are the graphics really that good?

I’m always skeptical about the claims that manufacturers make about certain aspects of of their games, especially the subjective ones such how incredible the graphics are. However, I must say with Infinity Blade 2 the graphics live up to all the hyperbole that has be written already.

The graphics are simply amazing, from the first cut scenes though to the in game action there is no difference with the depth and detail being enhanced by the striking lighting effects that glint off of slashing swords, dance through the windows of ruins and soak into your battered armour.

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One of the great things about this game too is the fact that you can take in all this beauty as between the battles you can peruse the scenery save in the knowledge that you’re not going to be attack as you do so?

Do I need to have played Infinity Blade to enjoy Infinity Blade 2?

Simply put, No! A brief overview of the back story is given to you as the game launches but I found myself more looking at the gorgeous environment than listening to the storyline to be honest. Regardless of that though it’s not to long until you are thrusted into your first battle and all thoughts of a storyline are soon forgotten.

That being said though the story is well presented and especially well acted as cut scenes and battles merge into a seemless journey to which I found myself soon becoming engrossed.

Isn’t it just another Hack ‘n Slash?

More honesty here, not that I haven’t been up to this point I should add, one of the reason I stayed away from the original Infinity Blade was due to that exact fear, however, if Infinity Blade 2 is anything to go by then I was surely wrong.

Yes, there is a lot of swiping back and forth across the screen but unlike the button bashing games of old there is an actual method the madness. Again, during the first few battles you are taken through the process of attack, parry, block and avoid and it’s reading your enemies next move that will give you your opportunity to take advantage and move in for the kill.

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There are a great range of enemies too and some of them are so large they appear to be too large to fit on the screen but despite this there is no slow down and the game continues to crack on a quite a pace.

The other features that move Infinity Blade II away from the average button bashing fighting game are the RPG elements that not only allow you to upgrade you apparel and weapons, which is required if you are to progress without too much difficulty, but also magic which comes in very handy especially in the later battles and can be called upon to be the difference between life and death.

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Another great decision by Chair Entertainment Group, LLC was to make the game a universal app for both the iPhone and iPad for just $6.99. It would have been easy for them to split the two apps to make more money but this was not the case. The only downside to this is the fact that there is no iCloud integration to keep your progress in sync between the two devices.

Infinity Blade 2 is a truly engrossing game, did I enjoy the battles? Yes. Did the game-play get a little repetitive at times? Yes. Do I keep coming back for more? Yes. Put that together with the eye-catching graphics, storylines and fluid RPG elements Infinity Blade 2 is clearly setting the standard that everyone has to beat in iOS gaming.
Infinity Blade II - Chair Entertainment Group, LLC
What we like:

  • Graphics that have to be seen to be believed
  • Battles that require brain and brawn
  • Keeps you coming back for more

What to know:

  • No iCoud support


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