IMDB Latest App To Receive AirPlay Video Support

Support for AirPlay video streaming actually arrived in iOS 4.3, but apps that takeĀ advantageĀ of the new technology have been in short supply. Now though, we can add the IMDB app to the (short) list.

The new update, bringing the IMDB app up to version 2.1, adds a new ‘Watchlist’ feature which allows movie fans to keep tabs on movies they might want to go and see as well as TV shows. The magic comes in the form of trailers, which thanks to the magic of iOS 4.3 and the Apple TV 2, users can now watch on their big screen TV.

Video quality on my 40-inch LCD was more than satisfactory though unfortunately not in high definition. Audio was stereo only.

Other improvements to the app include the ability to purchase cinema tickets and and improved show time listings.

The IMDB app is free and available from the Apple App Store.


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