iLuv Skin Case for iPad A Lightweight Cover That Provides Simple Style At Competitive Price

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iLuv Skin Case iPad 2

iLuv Skin Case Rating: ★★★★☆

Protection is all aspects of life is very important and no more so than for you expensive electronic devices. When those devices come in the form of an Apple iPad then protection becomes even more important as they are not cheap devices to own.

However, protection can sometimes come with a price, either monetarily, or style. The iLuv Skin Case strikes a middle ground on both style and protection but is very aggressively priced at just $19.79 from the store.

The case comes in a variety of colors and is a thin silicone based cover which when on provides probably the thinnest of covers I’ve ever felt on any device, it certainly lives up to it’s ‘skin’ title.

iPad Skin Accessory Case

My biggest problem with the case is probably a side effect of the thinness of the silicone as when on the iPad it does not fit tightly against the iPad and all four edges pull away slightly ensuring that it doesn’t look quite as sleek as it should.

Handling the iPad with the case on is as close to holding it without a case as you can get. However while the sleekness of the silicone case feels good to the touch it doesn’t provide much grip.

Cut outs for all the buttons are included making the iPad fully functional with the case on and despite it’s thinness it feels like it would protect the device from normal wear and tear although with no screen protection it’s unlikely to protect it from a significant fall or a direct hit to the screen.

If you after an unobtrusive, colorful cover for your iPad then the iLuv Skin Case from Touch Reviews Store could be just for you, if you are after a little more protection and the bulk that comes along with it you may want to look elsewhere.


  • Lightweight, thin case
  • Range of colors
  • Aggressively priced


  • Doesn’t fit perfectly
  • Not as much grip as other cases

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