iHawky Is A Simplistic Fly’em Up Game For iPhone

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iHawky Rating: ★★½☆☆

Take to the skies in this simplistic fly’em up!

Guide your brave hawk in his challenging flight. Stay away from all the obstacles to cover the longest distance possible. Using easy controls fly up or down to avoid mountain peaks and clouds. Watch out for the wind breaks that will make you act fast! Challenge your friends to beat your highs scores.

Bearing a striking resemblance to a few million “rise and fall” flash games out there on the net is iHawky, with cute cartoon style graphics of a scrolling mountain range which with various sizes of cloud and mountains are your obstacles you have to avoid, however your “hawk” is more birdie, while no massive issue it is a little disappointing for namesake. For those unfamiliar with “rise and fall” style gameplay you have a movable game piece and an energy meter of some kind and as You click (or tap in this game) your game piece goes up energy meter goes down and you can only raise your piece if you have energy left in the meter, hitting any obstacles will take further energy away.

There is no soundtrack to speak off, just a few sound effects namely for clipping things and sudden gusts of wind and that’s just to start, my other gripes with this game is it’s balance, one clip of a mountain or cloud no matter how slight almost cripples your energy bar completely. Adding to the frustrations of this game is the fact that sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between background and foreground (ie obstacles) especially as things start to pick up which it does rather suddenly and in high steps as well, really ramping up the difficulty and limiting longevity of your game.

While there is scoreboard functionality it’s external to the app so tapping the highscore button simply sends you to a web page in Safari that isn’t even formatted for the iPhone/iPod Touch but thankfully on gaining a new high score a full qwerty keyboard pops up to let you enter your name in comfort, also remembering the name that was entered last.

iHawky is a repetitive game which will certainly keep kids engaged while lack of difficulty levels might keep others away form this cute and addictive game for iPhone/iPod touch.


Price $0.99

(as of 03/09/09 Ver 2.0)

The Good

  • Addictive
  • Cute graphics

The Not So Good

  • Unbalanced gameplay
  • Background and foreground blend together
  • No power-ups or levels to unlock
  • Can’t customize your Hawk

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

iHawky Gameplay Video


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