iFlow Reader App Shuts down, Forced by Apple’s 30% Cut [eBooks]

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iFlow Reader App

In a blunt tone, BeamItDown’s Phillip Huber summarized what he concluded as the end of his life’s hard work and the result of millions. Huber’s company as well as their iFlow Reader application will cease to exist, come May 31st which is the official date when BeamItDown is expected to shut down.

Five of us spent nearly a year and a half of our lives and over a million dollars in cash and sweat equity developing the iFlowReader app with its unique AutoScrolling approach to reading that many of you really like. … We put our faith in Apple and they screwed us.

BeamItDown is the first company to shut down after Apple Inc. (AAPL) made a change to it’s in-app subscription rules and just before it released it’s new subscription model. This shut down is drawing attentiom across the web, with developers fearing that their apps might be on danger as well. While many cases may not be as serious as BeamItDown’s, it is still a matter of great concern within the developer community. This is something that could possibly cost developer’s lots of money, time and hard work as the subscription model eats into developers already thin profit margin. Apple has yet to make a statement on any further changes to the new subscription rules they may present with the developer’s release of iOS 5.


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  • Michael Murdock

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Give me a break please. “Apple screwed us”. That’s the same line that manufacturers and other computer companies out there use when they’re afraid to step up. The excuse and it is one of shutting down something because Apple is holding to the terms of a contract is utter bull. Step up, increase the price of your app to offset things. Apple takes their 30%, you make 70%, market the daylights out of your app and get more sales.

    There are a ton of app writing companies out there. I’ll be willing to bet that when one takes the idea that you’ve had and creates a new app that you’ll not find a shortage of funds out there to sue them for “stealing your idea”. It really kills me to see developers screaming when Apple has created such an amazing platform and even advertises apps on TV from time to time to just help developers get exposed. There are literally hundreds of thousands of them, but that little bit of exposure on TV thanks to DVRs helps some of us find the apps, and buy them.

    Try paying for TV time. I got a quote from someone the other day for time on Time Warner Cable. It’s not cheap.

    I say bite the bullet, continue to develop and produce your app and monitor your spending better as this sounds like we got rich quick, blew all the money and now it’s not coming in fast enough to cover our backsides. Protect your core income, bring on investors if that’s what you need, let go of a portion of your company, or license your technology out to many and reap the rewards of their marketing and promotions and stop crying please!!

    Michael Murdock, CEO

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