iDOS Pulled From App Store After One Hour

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One App Store Approval Gnome is certainly sitting in the naughty corner at Apple today, most probably with a dunces hat on! For some bizarre reason they approved an app called “iDOS”, which is a fully working DOS based PC emulator for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iDOS allows you to run DOS games and applications, and even install a copy of Windows 3.0!

Not only that but it was bundled with various games, which the authors described as “abandon-ware” but were still actually copyrighted. Touch Arcade got a copy of iDOS and were able to install and play vintage Sierra adventure titles, Blizzard’s Warcraft II and even disc-images of the multimedia horror game 7th Guest

Oh, and iDOS allowed full (read only) access to the entire iOS filesystem.

Within an hour of it being on the App Store Apple had pulled it. The reason may well be the file system access feature. But it is probably also because the app is uncomfortably close to lines in the virtual sand that Apple have previously not been happy about developers crossing when it comes to apps that work as emulators.

Let’s hope that the Gnome who approved this is not too harshly punished, and that perhaps if the developers fix the filesystem navigation “feature” that Apple may let iDOS back into the App Store. (Although I doubt it)

I was asleep when all this happened, and am disappointed I didn’t get a chance to download and play with iDOS!

Did you manage to download iDOS in the hour it was available?┬áIf so let us what fun stuff you have done with it in the comments…

[via cultofmac]


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