iCloud Users Experiencing Unexpected Storage Boost Up to 25GB

iCloud Storage

iCloud Storage

It appears that Apple is being very generous or mistakenly applied a perks plan for its employees to thousands of its iOS users, upgrading them to the $40/year iCloud storage plan, which provides users with 25GB of storage. What’s interesting about this is that the plan is set to expire in the year 2050, leading users to believe that this is likely a glitch and not a promotion of any kinds.

iMore notes that free 25GB MobileMe accounts of paid users are set to expire very soon, which may point to a mistake by Apple in managing these specific accounts. The 25GB upgrade is only being seen on some iOS devices while many remain at the standard 5GB of free storage.

Apple has not yet corrected the assumed issue and has not commented on the nature of the upgrade. It is likely an error, so enjoy it while you can.

Do you see the upgrade? Do you pay for iCloud already? If so, are you noticing a difference?


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