HP webOS Tablets Leaked

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HP webOS Tablet Leak

With HP’s ‘Something big, something small, something beyond’ event coming up on February 9th, rumours have been rife as to what we will be seeing coming out of the computer giant. What we expected was something using Palm’s WebOS – probably a tablet. Turns out we could well be seeing not one, but two!

Engadget’s Nilay Patel wrote recently that the gadget blog has received a tip, along with internal renders of a device. The anonymous (aren’t they always?) secret-wielder claims that we will see two tablets, one a 7inch model named Opal, and the other a 9inch version called Topaz. Whether these are internal names or if this is what the final shipping products will be called is unclear.

So what about specs? Looking at the renders and reading Patel’s blog post it looks fairly clear that the device will resemble a large Palm Pre in that we’ll see a slab of black plastic with minimal buttons. In fact, we see no buttons at all on the leaked render. Will the whole device be gesture-driven? Perhaps.

On top of that we have what appears to be a front-facing camera and a micro USB port for charing and syncing. Patel also suggests a 3 speaker system will be in place. The idea behind 3 speakers is that a device can offer stereo sound in both landscape and portrait orientations. It’s an interesting idea that Vizio will also be using in its tablets.

The CPU behind the glass is expected to be a 1.2GHz chip, which should ensure WebOS blazes along nicely, with plenty of multitasking goodness to boot.

Engadget also speculates that, based on internal marketing info the site has received that three models of the Opal tablet will be available: a WiFi only model and one each for AT&T and Verizon with a release date of September 2011.

Information beyond that is hart to come by – HP’s event is just weeks away and I’m sure they’ll have something suitably exciting to show us.

If info does keep leaking out though, will we already know everything before then? Keep an eye on Touch Reviews for more info when we have it.


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