HP Slate: No iPad Killer [Update]

A couple of days ago we posted a piece commenting on the video doing the rounds of a leaked HP Slate prototype. Most tech blogs picked up on the video, and tipb.com was no different. The added bonus here is the post’s author, Chad Garrett also managed to get some hands-on time with the device around 3 months ago!

Chad Garrett is a self-confessed Apple fan (aren’t we all?), so perhaps take that into account when reading his thoughts on HP’s prototype.

So what did Chad think? In short, he wasn’t blown away. Things that put him off included a thicker body (2 to 3 times thicker) and a potential heat issue. Running a full-fledged OS on mobile hardware’s got to take its toll!

Initial experience of the onboard camera was limited, but ‘The camera seemed to work well based on the fluorescently lit cubical environment’ and it’s worth noting the shutter is apparently controlled via software with no hardware option – just like the iPhone. HP’s skin, used to give a more mobile feel to the Slate seemed to go down well too.

As Chad mentions in his post, it’s important to remember both his experience, and the video we’ve all seen are of a prototype device. Was the Apple iPad the polished, sleek device we know now when it was sat on a work bench in Cupertino? Probably not.

Until we see a final production version of HP’s latest tablet hardware it’s going to be hard to judge. It’s also worth remembering that just because the form-factor is the same, not all tablet devices are aimed at the same market. Apple has taken the consumer approach but Tablet PCs have historically done well in the enterprise.

Perhaps HP is looking to continue that trend.


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