Hip Hop All Star: Let’s Get This Party Started!

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Hip Hop All Star iPhone

Hip Hop All Star iPhone

Hip Hop All Star Rating: ★★★★½

Let’s get this party started! If you like hip-hop and Guitar Hero then you will love the latest game released by I-play. The game play requires you to touch a colored note as it enters spinning around the turntable to the matching colored button. This house party is sure to bust a move.

The game begins by entering DJ career mode where the player chooses a DJ. I chose Loco from LA to show off my scratchin’ skills. I spun my way through while proving my mixing skills dominated. Take down the house in 5 locations: house party, block party, lounge, night club and the arena. The goal is to get top ranking for all songs. Be careful, missing two many notes in a row cause you to plunge, losing the event and facing the consequences of trying again. Keep a good streak along the song to amplify the multiplier and value of notes you seize. Combo notes will pop you a boost and having a steady streak will activate the scratch mode.

Hip Hop All Star has great graphics and a simple user interface thanks to the touch controls. Loaded with a large hip hop track list featuring a mix of several old and new tunes to spin, new track packs will soon be added resulting in tons of replay value. “Challenge friends in real-time multiplayer DJ battles over WiFi and Blue Tooth.” Take pleasure in DJ boasting rights by sharing high scores and talking smack with your friends on the integrated Facebook feature.

Rock, spin and scratch your way to the top while proving you are the master of the house. Flash that bling while you tap your way to the app store to purchase this two thumbs up amazing track.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $2.99

The Good

  • WiFi, Blue Tooth and FaceBook integration
  • Simple user interface
  • More tracks to come
  • Amazing graphics

The Not So Good

  • Needs more current top songs

Reviewed By: Dana Sperling

Hip Hop All Star – iPhone game trailer feat. Kid Cudi


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