Heroes Lore: Stigmata of Gaia for iPhone and iPod touch Now Available

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Earlier today EA Mobile sent us an update about their latest release to hit Apple’s App Store. If you enjoy RPG’s then you would be happy to know that Heroes Lore: Stigmata of Gaia is now available for iPhone and iPod touch! Heroes Lore is the #1 best seller from Korea, and it is now available for your iOS device.

The game is currently available for purchase in New Zealand store and you can bookmark this URL to know when it appears in the US store.

Key Features Include:

Dual Roles! Fight for Neo-Soltia or Askra

Plunge into the midst of a war between the once magical sky-kingdom of Soltia and the kingdom of Askra. Choose to battle in the roles of the “Neo-Soltian” Kei or the Askran Rits. Be immersed in over 30 hours of gameplay filled with virtually limitless maps, challenging quests, and fearsome foes.

Undertake Single-Player Quests

The Single-Player Story Mode extends over 6 deeply detailed areas of adventure, from the Soltian Forest to the Enzak Desert to the Rowen Plains. Also explore Neo-Soltia and 3 more key cities. Every environment contains monsters that can be peaceful…or extremely aggressive.

Battle Online for a Total RPG Experience

Fight online in player vs. player (PVP) battles, or unite with another player and challenge other two-person units in epic multiplayer warfare.

Wield Stunning Weaponry in an Array of Combinations

The bold battle mechanics let you execute a wide variety of fighting moves. Kei and Rits each wield 2 types of weapons within 5 different classes. Each weapon provides 9 offensive or defensive skills. Engage the characters in hours of battle with different combinations of swords, shields, guns, and blades.


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