Glasses-Free 3-D Display Using Head Tracking App for iPad 2 Coming Soon

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Head Tracking App for iPad 2 Glasses Free 3-D Display

Researchers and developers have been working on ways to offer 3-D images and videos without having to use any special glasses. And now it seems that they are certainly getting closer to their goal as a recent demonstration by researchers at France’s Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research Group shows how ‘head tracking’ can enable 3-D display on Apple’s iPad 2.

The head tracking software works, as you might expect, by tracking your head movements (called Head-Coupled Perspective Technique) to provide a 3-D image. The 3-D image generated by this mechanism actually extends into the screen which creates an impression that you are looking through a window. Since, the software needs a front facing camera this could very well be achieved on an iPhone 4 too.

The demo posted on YouTube is certainly very impressive and we can’t wait to try out the app when it hits the App Store. The developers are saying that the “3D app demo is coming soon.”

What do you think about this tech demo? Are you excited about being able to view 3-D images without the glasses on your iPad 2? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[via TUAW]


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