Halloween Defence for iPhone Review: Pumpkins on the Prowl

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Halloween Defence iPhone-1

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Halloween Defence Review: A target-shooting game for iPhone where your job is to shoot the pumpkins and prevent them from invading the town.

Pumpkins appear, wearing hats appropriate for the season, and bounce down the trails.
You have several cannons that you can use to dispatch the invading gourds, and part of the strategy of the game is choosing which cannon to use. It’s not that the cannons are of different types. Instead they are at different locations along the trails that lead to town. When you get out of range of one cannon, you switch to the next cannon that is closest to your target.

Halloween Defence iPhone-2

A touchscreen joystick controls the aim of the cannons. While simple enough in concept, controlling the cannons proved to be difficult. The joystick was a bit unresponsive, and the targeting area was very small, making accurate aiming a bit tricky. And the color scheme didn’t help either. A red target area on a mainly dark blue and black background was difficult to see at times.

While the theme could be spooky, even scary, the style of the game is more towards the humorous side. The appearance of the pumpkins, the way they move, and the upbeat music keep it on the light side.

Halloween Defence iPhone-3

Halloween Defence is a great concept for a seasonally-themed game. A few tweaks in colors and cannon control could make this a killer game.
Halloween Defence - Blue-island
What we like:

  • Great concept, timely theme

What to know:

  • Joystick difficult to control
  • Target area awfully small
  • Not a lot for help/instruction/tutorial


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