Hackers Target Apple iPad Users

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If you recently received an email asking you to download the lastest version of iTunes to keep your iPad software updated then you might be one of the 600,000 iPad users who the hackers are trying to attack.

BitDefender (creators of popular antivirus software) recently updated their webiste with information about the latest threat to Windows users.

This particular threat comes in the form of an unsolicited e-mail, promising to keep iPad software updated “for best performance, newer features and security”. Via a conveniently provided link, the email instructs iPad users to download the latest version of iTunes software to their PCs as a preliminary step to update their iPad software. The download page to which users are directed is a perfect imitation of the one they would use for legitimate iTunes software downloads.

BitDefender identified the malicious code as Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY, which once downloaded injects itself in to the explorer.exe process and allows unauthorized access to your PC. However, if you use a Mac then you don’t need to worry about this latest threat.

If you think your PC might have downloaded this malicious code then you might want to update your antivirus software and run a full system scan.



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  • antivirus reviews

    You should never download any software which you have not prompted yourself. This is because it is likely to be a virus.

  • TouchReviews

    Thank you for your comment!

    The title is a general statement. The hackers are attempting to trick people who have an iPad (or iPad users) by sending an email and asking them to download the latest version of iTunes to keep iPad software updated.

    You are right this malware affects only Windows users, which has been clearly stated in the post details.

  • Olaf

    Title is misleading.
    iPad users are NOT affected. Only Windows users.
    This is another Windows virus that DOES NOT affect
    iPad or any Mac products.

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