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Gyrotate Rating: ★★½☆☆

UPDATE: We recived a note from the developer saying:

we have an update planned to come out in the next couple of weeks that will add Open Feint support. The addition of Open Feint will bring online high score tables and achievements.

If life was like most of the games in the App Store are like it would only take you to stand in line with 2 other members of the same sex, or two other people wearing the same hat for you to disappear. Luckily life isn’t like that but there appears to be an abundance of puzzle games in which matching a given number of items to clear them from the playing area is the aim of the game and the latest is Gyrotate from GoosTrix.

Gyrotate brings this traditional puzzle game to you with a new style though as the playing area is set up in a 9 x 9 grid consisting of 4 squares inside of each other. Each of the four squares is made up of the playing pieces which are a variety of geometric colored shapes in a chalk style which gives it a simple and stylish appeal. The are 7 different shapes to work with and the ultimate aim is to clear a given amount of each of them to complete the round.

gyrotateTo clear the desired number of shapes you will need to line them up in lines of 4 or more. Clearing them will reduce the number of shapes required to clear the level getting you closer to clearing the level. To align the shapes of the same color you simply rotate each of the 4 squares which contain the shapes. Moving these was initially quite tricky and I often found myself rotating the wrong square, however once I realized that once I had grabbed the appropriate square I was able to move my finger anywhere accross the screen it made life much easier.

As there are four squares of shapes to rotate the most common number of shapes you’ll clear and while that will suffice it won’t get you anywhere fast. Clearing more than 4 shapes in one go will reap you rewards though. Initially it will simply increase the number of shapes cleared from overall count, however it will also grant you multipliers and as you progress through the levels special shapes including wildcard shapes that allow you to use it as any color and clock shapes which will add additional time if it’s included in any line that you clear.

These clock shapes will be vital as you progress through the levels as each level has a time bar at the top of the screen that gradually decreases as you work to clear the alloted number of shapes on each level. The time limits get more and more aggressive as you progress and being able to pause time will be vital for you to clear the stages. Multipliers will also help you out should you match multiple lines at the same time as well as longer lines.

Gyrotate is a single player game and also has no high score board either locally or online which limits it’s playability somewhat. There is a statistics page where you can view such stats as Highest Level, Playing Time & Total Matches for example but this doesn’t really add anything to the game especially when it’s not comparative.

For 99c (iTunes Link)you can’t really go wrong with Gyrotate, it’s looks nice and plays well but to make it a keeper it needs a little more to keep you wanting to come back for more. Multi-player options, online scoring, achievements would all be valuable additions to this puzzle game.

The Good

  • Stylish chalk style look
  • Alternate method to the classic match 3 style

The Not So Good

  • No multi-player mode
  • No high score table
  • No online scorer

Reviewed by: @CraigWillis

Gyrotate Gameplay Trailer


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