GVIntegrated for iPhone Integrates Google Voice with the Native Phone App (Jailbreak)

 In Jailbreak

GVIntegrate for iPhone Cydia App-3Google Voice is yet another great part of Googles arsenal however if you’ve wanted to use your Google Voice from your iPhone you’ve had to use a 3rd party app as it was not possible to integrate it with the core iPhone functionality. This is changing however with the introduction of GVIntegrated a new jailbreak tweak from the hands of Justin Williams, also known as @jaywalker9988.

The install via Cydia is as easy as any jailbreak tweak and once installed all that’s required is for you to enter your Google Voice user name and password via the Settings page. The only other option is to set what you would like he default action to be when dialing a contact. You have the choice of either Carrier, Google or Always Ask which will give you the option to choose between the two options each time you dial a customer.

GVIntegrate for iPhone Cydia App-2The default setting can be overwritten for any single contact so while you may have Always Ask set as your default setting if you want to use your Google Voice number everytime you want to call your Dr you can set that against their contact record and you won’t be asked.

The integration is so simple and slick GVIntegrated is a natural choice for anyone that uses Google Voice and with more features set to be included in future updates here’s no reason not to get it.

GVIntegrated is available in Cydia now for just $1.99.



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