Guerrilla Bob Review: Wonderful Cartoon Style Graphics and Relentless Action

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Guerrilla Bob Rating: ★★★★☆

It seems that¬†Chillingo are positively trying to fill the App Store with their own games, (if you include lite versions), and now they’ve just released their 101st title in the form of Guerrilla Bob, a not so much a follow up to Minigore more of an older brother!

Guerrilla Bob is a twin-stick shooter where the d-pad under your left thumb controls direction while the d-pad under right thumb controls your weaponry. Launching Guerrilla Bob sets the scene of the campaign mode for you which see’s you taking revenge on your brother John Gore and his army of men. That is pretty much where the story begins and ends though as after that it’s all about the action.

The cartoon style graphics have been wonderfully implemented, from the menus and cut scenes to the in game play they ooze quality and make the game a pleasure to behold. Guerrilla Bob is a mustached wearing, muscle bound, cigar smoking man and doesn’t take any prisoners. Even from the start he is well armed and he needs to be as the onslaught of enemy troops is strong.

The action is played out 7 locations all with a dessert theme and you’ll make your way thought shanty towns and across sandy terrain as your move Guerrilla Bob up screen killing everything in your path. You have three weapons to use in total, machine gun, rocket launcher and flame thrower each with there own advantages. The flame thrower is great in close up action especially when you are up close and personnel with multiple enemies while the rocket launcher enables you to pick off the bad guys at a distance with one fatal shot. The machine gun however is your all rounder.

You’ll encounter a couple of mini-bosses along each level with a major level boss at the end. None of these prove to be too much of a challenge as once you work out their weak spot you’ll be able to kill them with a few well placed shots. Each boss has there own energy level too so you can see how close you are getting to defeating them while keeping an eye on your cigar which acts as your energy guide.

Killing continual waves of mini enemies is as pleasurable as ever, however rather than rocket launchers blowing them limb from limb they merely collapse into a heap on the ground with a whimper rather than a bang and the sound effects could certainly do with being cranked up a little to provide better feed back especially the explosions.

Also scattered throughout each level are power-ups for your weapons, extra points and health boosters too meaning that investigating every side street can bring it’s own rewards. The action comes thick and fast in the campaign mode but that is nothing compared to Survival Mode which is unlocked when you complete the campaign mode. In survival mode it’s exactly that, just a fight for survival. Survival mode also includes the random arrival of boss characters and while there arrival adds an extra level of difficulty they also bring there rewards as defeating them will reward you with power-ups and health boosts to aid your survival for a little while longer.

The addition of the Survival Mode adds value to the game and will keep you coming back for more even after you’ve beaten the campaign mode. Added value is also boosted by the addition of Crystal, a new social leader-board, achievement interface along the same lines as the Plus+ and OpenFeint networks that allows you to track and compare scores, achievements and challenges with friends who are also signed up to Crystal. It integrates seamlessly and if it can get a good range of games signed up to it should do as well as it competitors if not better.

The end of the campaign mode eludes to future available content and this would be a great addition to what is already a good game but a little short.

The Good

  • Looks great
  • Fast paced, relentless action
  • Crystal integration

The Not So Good

  • Short Campaign Mode
  • Sound is a little weak
  • No multi player option

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Guerrilla Bob Extended GamePlay Trailer

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Store) as of 27 Jan
Reviewed Version 1.0
Size: 48.1 MB
Seller: Chillingo Ltd.


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