Greenpois0n jailbreak tool for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Now Available

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It felt like the whole jailbreak scene is more like a bad Hollywood movie, but today it’s all about the hacking again – Chronic Dev Team has finally released Greenpois0n.

The release came via team member Joshua Hill on good ol’ Twitter today and comes a couple of days after their intended release date of 10/10/10.

As you probably remember, Greenpois0n was delayed after GeoHot released his own jailbreak utility called Limera1n a day before Chronic Dec Team planned to make their work available to the public. Limera1n used a different exploit to that of Greenpois0n and that led to a delayed launch for latter while the clever devs made their app use the same exploit as GeoHot’s effort. The idea behind the recode was to prevent tipping off Apple – why give them two holes to plug when you can keep one in reserve?

So what does Greenpois0n do? Basically it will jailbreak any iPhone 4/3GS, iPod touch 3rd/4th gen and the iPad. Support for the iOS equipped Apple TV mk2 will be added at a later date and is possibly the most exciting part of the whole deal.

Greenpois0n is currently in a relatively stable beta state and can be downloaded at and is currently available for Linux and Windows. Fire those VMs up people!

[via TiPb]


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  • Adrenaline_X

    Does NOT work with ipad 3g 64 gb.

    Did work with iphone 4 w/ 4.1

  • Oscar44202

    does not work for 3G MC Model running 4.1 🙁

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