Gravity Wave: Simple and Nicely Done

Gravity Wave iPhone

Gravity Wave iPhone

Gravity Wave Rating: ★★★☆☆

Back in the day I spent many hours trying to beat my high score on a Flash game known to me as Copter. All you needed was the left mouse button and hours of fun was guaranteed. I don’t know if the developers of this game were inspired by Copter but now with Gravity Wave I’m re-living those times as they have taken the basics of that game, and modernized it.

The aim of Gravity Wave is to pilot your craft through the 24 levels collecting canisters while avoid the planet and other obstacles that block your path. The ‘alien worlds’ that you need to navigate look like the grand canyon on acid. From the top down view your space craft looks pretty small but controlling it couldn’t be simpler.

Your craft starts locked in a gravitational sphere which doubles as an energy booster and tapping the screen fires up the crafts boosters and takes your craft into flight. The longer you press on the screen the harder the boosters will fire and the faster you’ll travel so for the best control you’ll need to ‘feather’ the screen with your finger giving you a smooth transition through the levels.

The levels aren’t straight caverns though so twisting your iPhone will enable you to steer though the caverns and to pick up the canisters that you’ll need to complete each level. Throughout the levels you’ll find lazer like gates blocking your path, ready to zap your energy and prevent you from progressing. Some of these gates will flicker on and off and will require perfect timing while others will require you to find the right switch somewhere in the level to turn the gate off.

Clearing the levels starts as a pretty simple task, however later levels become increasingly difficult to an extent that makes them almost impossible. However, with 4 difficulty levels to choose from everyone should be able to find a level that they can get through especially with the map view that can help show where you still need to go.

The sound effects are your standard space techno tunes and unfortunately the game is only for one player with high scores limited to your own iPhone/iPod touch.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Though this simple gravity game is nicely done and while it probably won’t stay on your device for long at 99c it can be a nice distraction for a while.

The Good

  • Responsive controls
  • Strong graphics

The Not So Good

  • No mutli-player
  • No online scoring

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Gravity Game: iPhone Gameplay


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