Gourmania: Addictive Hidden Object Game

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Gourmania Rating: ★★★½☆

Thought you could slink off on holiday? There’s cooking to be done!

Do you have the skills to win a cook off among the top chefs at a glamorous resort? Begin your journey at a fast food joint, finding the ingredients for the sandwiches your customers want and the processing their orders before time runs out. Before the big showdown, you’ll save a Sushi Bar, a Pizza Parlor and more from shutting down, making you the most sought after chef in town! Just make sure to purchase the upgrades that will give you an edge. Full of seek-and-find and slice-and-dice fun, GourMania is your ticket to the big leagues!

Shrinking down infamous hunt and click game is Gourmania, setting you as a holiday maker hijacked by opportunities to run holiday restaurants and bars that aren’t doing so well. The premise of the game is simple, you have a screen showing behind the counter of a business and scattered about this screen are different ingredients which are listed on the meal tickets that soon start appearing at the top of the screen.

[dtse]Gourmania iPhone Game Review[/dtse]

Your task now is to find the ingredients as quickly as possible, fulfilling each customers order quicker earns more money as each customer has a happiness meter which starts going down. You can use multi touch to find many ingredients by tapping randomly on the screen but it is certainly a skill for the more expert player. The game involves some additional tasks to be completed which include taking customer’s money or preparing certain meals in a variety of ways, thankfully nothing too complex as these are a simple one touch affairs leaving you to multi task.

The better you do in the game, the more cash you make which allows you to buy more addons and businesses. Each business has several levels of meal making and it is nicely broken up by bonus “match food to their outlines” rounds.

Graphics are a strictly cgi affair right down to the characters you meet, everything is bright and good looking, just like you’d expect from a holiday resort however it does seem very cramped and busy making everything look confusing (when it’s not) and shrunk down as if from a full on computer version.

I find double tap to zoom into the scene to be a poor choice of gesture, as it clashes with regular taps for selecting ingredients, whereas pinch to zoom having a finer grain of control over an image would be a much better choice.

All in all this is a good game that packs a full desktop experience into the iPhone, with lots of levels and rewarding gameplay, even if you are not playing particularly hard, you can’t go wrong and with plenty of ways to improve your score you’ll be coming back for more.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $0.99
Version reviewed 1.0

The Good

  • Lots of levels
  • skills to build to improve your scores

The Not So Good

  • Initial wait before loading screen
  • Busy and cramped graphics

Reviewed by: @TylerDurdan


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