Google Updates YouTube for iOS with Support for iPad, AirPlay, and iPhone 5

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YouTube for iPad

Google recently released an update for their YouTube for iOS application, finally adding native support for the iPad, AirPlay, and the larger screen of the iPhone 5. Early on, prior to the public release iOS 6, Apple removed support for the native YouTube app which shipped with all iOS devices.

Apple removed the app in the beta versions of iOS 6 and entirely removed it for users that later updated to iOS 6. Google later released a YouTube app in the App Store for the iPhone, without support for the iPad. Now, the YouTube app supports the larger screen of the iPad, and plays within the page.

The app also takes advantage of the iPhone 5’s 4 inch screen, now running fullscreen, as opposed to letterboxed as in the past. With enhanced AirPlay support, videos will come through to a user’s TV much more clearly.

Currently, when streaming YouTube clips, they can be very glitchy and are usually not synced up, with the iPhone or iPad playing ahead of the television. This update has made the YouTube app more accessible on more devices and has increased usability. The update is now available through iTunes [Direct Link] or the App Store on any iOS device.

{Via MacRumors}


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  • Richard Sisk

    Well I dislike the removal of the onscreen volume control.

  • jack

    Why is this news, this happened like a month ago.

  • Sudhakar Vennam

    True. Google was downplaying the Apple users by not giving them voice guidance in the Maps apps. Had not Apple dumped Google Maps, Google would have never released voice guidance in Maps APP. Nice that Apple dumped Google and now all Apple users benefit greatly.

  • Jon LeJeune

    Its a good thing in a way that apple dumped all of the Google products (with the big exception being maps) because now Google is releasing the previously native apps but now they are much better.

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