Google’s Swiffy makes Flash files HTML5 friendly

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Google Swiffy Convert Flash to HTML5

Google recently introduced Swiffy, a service that converts .SWF Flash files into HTML5 compatible with devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Swiffy is part of the Google Labs suite of services that has the potential to become a major part of Google’s media integration in its desktop and Android OS.

Google’s Swiffy website offers a gallery of videos and games that have been converted to HTML5 from Flash and a list of Frequently Asked Questions. The website also mentions Adobe and what it thinks about Swiffy.

Adobe is pleased to see the Flash platform extended to devices which don’t support the Flash player.The result is that anyone creating rich or interactive ads can continue to get all the authoring benefits of Flash Pro and have the flexibility to run the ad in the Flash Player or HTML depending on what’s available on the system. Google and Adobe look forward to close collaboration around efforts like these.

Swiffy’s output file works in all browsers based on Apple’s open-source Webkit engine, which powers the Mobile Safari browser found on iOS devices. Google Swiffy is limited in terms of scope and only offers a few types of conversions.

Google has a product that can possibly become a major part of 3rd party development on Apple’s iOS WebKit. The company has attempted video conversion through YouTube in the past and is currently promoting it’s own WebM over Apple’sH.264 format.

The company says that it’s WebM format can possibly “enable open innovation”. From an analytical point of view, it seems that Google is attempting to step over Apple, while using iOS platform as it’s stepping stone.

Google and Apple are competitors but are forced to work together due to similar customer base and alike business motive. Google, meanwhile, is offering products that Apple is not, such as Swiffy, and other services that sidestep iOS limitations.


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