Google Releases New Catalogs App for Apple’s iPad



On Monday, following a massive Black Friday shopping frenzy in the United States, Google launched its new Catalogs app, utilizing their Google Books technology.  It scans catalogs from a number of retailers into digital form, allowing customers to purchase products directly from their iPad or Android tablet.

It is very likely that Google is receiving some sort of an advertising revenue from the major retailers currently selling through the Catalogs application.

Retailers include ThinkGeek, Williams-Sonoma, Nike, Sharper Image, and Pottery Barn. The iPad essentially loads up the app, and allows users to flip through the virtual pages to find something they want, and purchase it through an internal link, which opens up in a browser within the application.

Google’s scanning strategy is a very smart technological selling point, as it allows them to create a revenue stream from a market otherwise left untapped, and allows them to draw in more customers for other services such as Google Offers. This app will be of great assistance to those, currently searching for holiday grifts for Christmas, and discounts on major purchases. The app is Free and is currently available in the App Store and Android Market.

{via TUAW}


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