Google Rolling out new Web App UI

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Early today, Google began rolling out their new web app UI, changing the ‘blue tabs’ at the top of the site to new ‘grey tabs’ with pull down icons.

The new change closely resembles tabs on Google’s Chrome web browser. The search giant has also updated their generic search to include a drop down grid of all the different search types, and apps, instead of the old text list. The latest UI update has only been updated on Google’s Web search, Video search, News and Blogs.

The older ‘blue’ interface still appears on Image Search, Places, Shopping, Finance, Apps, iGoogle and Books. Google Apps, like GMail, Google Translate, Google Docs and Google Reader haven’t received any form of update either, although Google might slowly roll those out after the initial UI change.

YouTube was revamped a few months ago, and most recently, Google Maps also received an all new HTML 5 base. Google is moving past Apple’s pre-installed Maps application into an entirely web based mobile interface, similar to that of their web based desktop OS, currently running on numerous netbooks.

[Via TiPb]


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