Google Demos Motorola’s Android Tablet Prototype [Honeycomb]

Andy Rubin, the man behind Google’s Android OS, demoed an early prototype of a tablet from Motorola which runs Android OS.┬áThe actual version of Android that the new tablet was running is called “Honeycomb” and is optimised for tablets. This particular tablet sports a “dual core 3D processor”, which is said to come from NVIDIA. Details other than that were not given. Android “Honeycomb”, the OS – the tablet has no name yet, is due out “sometime in 2011”.

The Motorola tablet certainly looks a nice size (very thin), and seems to perform well from the videos we have seen. And it ran a very cool 3D Vector version of Google maps, which is certainly nifty.

But this device is yet another fragmentation of the Android eco-system and User Interface, for one because it has no physical buttons at all. A minor point, but all this tends to make developers and users lives more difficult when you also factor in the multiple, very different versions of Android on devices, screen sizes, and performance characteristics. All things that Apple with its iOS devices manages to avoid.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has not really impressed the way that Apple’s iPad has. But it is easy to see now why Apple would want to get their iPad 2 revision out sooner rather than later, so that they can start working towards iPad 3 for the end of 2011 / beginning of 2012. If Android as an OS can be made to behave more at home on tablets, and dual core fire-breathing tablets start hitting stores next year then the iPad might finally get a run for its money.

Do you think Motorola’s tablet could topple the iPad? Or are you expecting something special from Apple and the iPad 2?



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