Gone Wishing – Interactive Storybook Review

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Rating: ★★★★½

Gone Wishing – Interactive Storybook Review: Highly Interactive Storybook for iPad!

Gone Wishing is an interactive storybook that is a lot of fun. This book comes packed with tons of great functionality and capabilities that really bring out the capabilities of the iPad. Books like this are what make reading on the iPad a pleasure.

Gone Wishing ($3.99) is a book about wishes. The stories introduce you to all kinds of different characters ranging from genies to leprechauns. The story is about a family of genies, the Mimbles. The family is known for granting wishes and it is the family business and to the untrained eye, business is good. The story follows young Jacob Mimble who has a secret, he is the only genie who cannot make a wish come true. The story follows Jacob and shows off tons of features that make this book exciting and different.

The features in Gone Wishing finish second only to the fun loving story. Interactions can be found on every page and the book even has a couple hidden games that you can play. Interact with the environment by rubbing lamps, playing instruments and meeting characters. You will never get bored with this book as there is always something to do. You can even see what other people who are reading the book are wishing for. Features that make the book worth reading over and over again add great value. Possibly my favorite feature of the entire book is the options on how you’d like to read it. You can have the book narrated to you, read on your own or use the auto play feature. This is great for when you find yourself in the mood where you simply don’t want to read anymore. Hey, it happens to us all.

Overall, the book has tons of features and a great story. A happy ending on top of all of that make this book a great buy at $3.99. Books like this are what make books on the iPad different from those other tablets. Check it out!
Gone Wishing - Interactive Storybook - Fi Production
What we like:

  • Great Illustrations
  •  Highly Interactive
  •  3 Ways to Read

What to know:

  • Enjoyable



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