Gold Jumper: Sack Slinging In Pursuit of Hitting the Big One

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Gold Jumper Com2uS iPhone

Gold Jumper Review: Gold Jumper ($.99) for iPhone is a simple, arcade-style game that tests your eye-hand coordination, your timing, and your desire for gold!The game is set in a gold mine – you know mining carts on rails and all that. Your job is to successfully fling the sacks of gold between carts and move them up and out of the mine. Tapping on the screen causes them to jump in the air, but you must correctly time your jumps to get the sacks to land in the moving carts. There are also hammocks and platforms and other devices to aid you in your task. Most of the game revolves around a spring-like action in moving your loot. I found myself bouncing a bit in my chair for that added edge. Body English always helps, right?

Gold Jumper Com2uS

There are hints of Mario in it, but Gold Jumper is vertically organized instead of the usual left-to-right motion. This increases the challenge, since you are effectively working in a narrow mineshaft with not much room to maneuver. The cramped space keeps the pace of the game moving right along. And once you’ve emptied your mine of all it’s gold, it a race to the next mine for more sack slinging.The graphics are clean, crisp, and bright, and the music is equally spunky. The characters, when they appear, are suitably rugged-looking for the adventure. And the game devices – such as carts, hammocks, and platforms – are colored to assist you in their various uses.

This is a simple to learn game that is challenging enough to keep you twisting your body and biting your tongue. Besides, these days, who isn’t interested in sacks of gold?
Gold Jumper - Com2uS Inc.


  • Simple, one-touch control
  • Challenging, with both aim and timing, to succeed in the mission
  • Spunky look, sound, and feel to the game


  • Music can get a little irritating when playing for an extended amount of time


Gold Jumper iPhone
Gold Jumper 2
Gold Jumper 3


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