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I’ve been a fan of Google Docs since it was launched and have used it extensively in both my personal and professional life. However, from a mobile perspective it’s always been a little lacking and that’s certainly the case on both the iPhone and iPad.

The latest update from GoDocs appears to have resolved this issue in a few keys areas, it’s not perfect but it provides a valid way to manage your Google Docs on the go.

The interface is clear and concise, once you’ve added your Google account your docs will be displayed in the left hand panel and you can click any of them to download locally and another to open and view it. The files are color coded to so that you can tell at a glance if the file is local, online or is currently downloading.

All Google Doc file types are supported and are easy to read when displayed on the right side of the screen. You can also collapse the left hand panel to take the document into full screen mode. It even has a built in multimedia player for any audio or video files that you have stored in your Google Docs or Google Drive if you’ve converted over, something that not all mobile apps can claim at present.

The weakest part of the GoDocs experience is the editing, which you could argue is a pretty significant part of the application. The applications uses the standard Google mobile and Desktop interfaces for editing which while functional aren’t the easiest to use but for basic editing the interface does suffice.

Where GoDocs does excel though, at least for me, is in the sharing, push notifications and multiple accounts handling.

I frequently find myself having to share files when I’m not at my desk and sharing them with GoDocs is very easy, as is revoking or editing sharing rights. With any file open you can simply click the ‘information’ icon to access the sharing screen and anyone that you share the doc with will be emailed as you would expect.

The ‘information’ page will also provide you with access to opening the file in another application, downloading the file, moving it, emailing, printing, viewing revisions and more all and the touch of the screen. You can also mass edit files to move, download, mail and delete them.

Push Notifications will alert you to changes to files that you share which can be a nice alternative to a bucket load of emails, however, it didn’t always work 100% of the time so may not be something you can rely on if it’s important to you.

You can’t view docs from multiple accounts at the same time but switching between them is really easy, once you’ve enabled them you can switch accounts at the touch of a button which is both quick and easy.

If you are a heavy Google Docs user and need to access them on the go then GoDocs is a great app for you, editing is basic but it works and sharing and notifications sets this apart from other similar apps in the App Store. It’s not the cheapest app in the App Store but still at $4.99 it’s not going to break the bank.

Rating: ★★★★☆

What we like

  • Share your docs on the go
  • Mass manage your docs
  • Color coded document status
  • Push Notifications

What to know

  • Editing uses the built in Google Mobile and Desktop options


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