GodFinger for iPhone | Ngmoco’s Upcoming iPhone Game

GodFinger iPhone

Today ngmoco shared details about their upcoming iPhone game called GodFinger. The game has been developed in collaboration with Wonderland Software who have worked on Black & White and Fable series

As the title suggests you will assume the role of a deity and your goal will be to secure followers so that their worship helps you get stronger.

Pull on the gloves of a fledgling deity. You’re in charge of your very own planet, and must flex your fingers if you’re going to make a name for yourself amongst the pantheon of gods in this universe.

You’ll need followers. Their worship will help you grow stronger, perform wonders and learn new abilities. You’ll zap, flood and terraform. You’ll create buildings to keep your followers busy; they’ll give you gold. You’ll exterminate skeletons. And for fun, you’ll even torment your planet’s denizens.

GodFinger will be available on App Store soon and we will be keeping a close eye on this upcoming title.

Does the description remind you of Populous on the Commodore Amiga?


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