Gmail’s Priority Inbox Goes Mobile

Mobile users of Google’s Gmail can now utilise the service to its fullest, thanks to an update that brings Priority Inbox to handheld devices.┬áThe idea behind Priority Inbox is simple: Google analyses which emails you read and reply to and uses that information to sort email into normal mail and items that it deems worthy of being a priority. It’s great for those of us receiving hundreds, if not thousands of emails per day.

The problem up until recently is that the new feature hasn’t been available on mobile. Now handheld devices can access Gmail’s full feature-set providing an HTML compliant browser is used which means anyone running Android 1.5 or above and iOS 3.0 and higher. Spiffy!

To get the feature turned on you’ll need to use a desktop browser to activate it but after that you’ll see the new Priority Inbox whenever you sign in on a mobile device.

Users should be seeing the new option appear round about now, and is a free feature just like the rest of Gmail.

[via Electronista]


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