Glow Hockey and Glow Doodle For iPhone Shining Bright In The App Store

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The latest trend emerging in the App Store seems to be offering the ‘glow’ effect in games and apps. Hockey Glow and Glow Doodle are two very simple apps that are currently in the Top 25 paid apps category.

Glow Hockey developed by Natenai Ariyatrakool is a simple air hockey game which offers a colorful game design by adding the neon glow effect to the surrounding rail of the table, puck and mallets. Glow Hockey certainly creates an interesting gaming environment which makes the game addictive.

The paid version offers three game modes which includes Championship, One Player and Two Players. The developer is currently working on a future update which will add multiplayer mode over wi-fi, new themes, Open Feint integration and improve the AI (artificial intelligence)

Scribbling apps have always been fun distraction, the interface is usually very simple in these type of apps and are great for instant entertainment. Glow Doodle developed by Y Lau adds glow effect to whatever you doodle on the screen. The app offers 4 colors of the glow effect and offers save and undo feature. The app lacks the ability to choose different brush sizes or choose a picture from your photo album. Glow Doodle undoubtedly allows your creativity to glow in the dark!

The ‘glow’ effect is certainly trending and we won’t be surprised to see many more glowing apps in the App Store!

Glow Hockey (iTunes Store) and Glow Doodle (iTunes Store) are available for only $.99.


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