Gingerbread Ported to iPhone 3G [Hack]

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We’ve reported on Android being crammed onto an iPhone before, but now hackers have upped the ante with Gingerbread being ported over.

Just like past hacks, this version of Google’s Android 2.3 is only available for installation on an iPhone 3G and is based on the existing iDroid system. That’s good news because it allows users to dual-boot between iOS and Android when required.

Check out the video for some geeky goodness!

If only my old 3G hadn’t met a watery end I’d be trying this in a shot!

Can we have Gingerbread on an iPhone 4 next please?

{via Engadget}


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  • Android 300,000

    Dude that’s sweet but boy I hope that cut that boot time down! Android likes to play on all devices and other things. Android will be flexible on all devices, not just phones and tablets, I’m talking household utility from monitoring energy use in your house, running your refrigerator, your TV, pretty much everything.

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