Gem Keeper Review: In Defense of Gem Towers

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Rating: ★★★☆☆

Gem Keeper Review: A solid tower-defense game for iPad with a lot of options for creating your defenses.

Gem Keeper {$2.99} has the simple goal of protecting the gems from the invading monsters. There’s not much more to the story. Your job is to place the towers in the best position and deploy your weapons at the most strategic time.

The paths the monsters will take are laid out for you and you need to determine where to place the towers along those paths to best protect the gems. You can either tap or drag-and-drop to place the towers and can put them anywhere you like. If you choose to put one on the rails that are available, you will be able to move that tower along the rail as part of the game play.

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Once you’ve placed your towers, you should upgrade them as soon as you are able. At times a stronger tower is more useful than many towers. And put your additional defensive weapons to work as they become available. There are several options, such as bombs and archers, which spice up your defenses. They are often just the things needed for that particular level.

Gem Keeper has some spunky techno-style music as a backdrop, until the battle noises take over. The visual style is bright and colorful and the monsters, and even the weapons, are cute.

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Like many tower-defense games, Gem Keeper can run on autopilot at times. If you’ve placed your defenses well, there may not be a lot of interaction required. If this happens too much, up the intensity of game as you have three choices: easy, normal, and hard.

Gem Keeper is a solid game that can be fun to play. But given the choices available for games, and the price of Gem Keeper, get this only if you’re a tower-defense fan looking for a solid game that’s something a bit different.
Gem Keeper™ - NCsoft
What we like:

  • Towers can be placed anywhere
  • Towers on rails can be moved
  • A variety of defenses to choose from

What to know:

  • Only plays in one orientation
  • Tutorial crashes
  • Needs a back story


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