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I have been lucky enough to have been using gDEBugger for iPhone and iPod Development work for over a year now. It is an indispensable tool for profiling iPhone OpenGL ES applications on the iPhone Simulator. Whilst the present retail version does not give real world performance metrics it is still an invaluable tool for monitoring resource usage, redundant calls, profiling code, and for tracking down hard to find logic bugs and inefficiencies deep in your OpenGL ES applications. The functionality is similar to that of the tools that Apple provide for desktop OpenGL debugging with their own SDK, but on steroids by comparison! Apple are yet to offer anything at all for OpenGL ES (i.e iPhone) Developers.

What’s more gDEBugger offers a superior OpenGL debugging experience for desktop applications than that provided by Apple’s own tools as part of the iPhone package. It’s kind of an all in one deal!

Recently Gremedy were kind enough to let me try out an early version of the “on-device debugging” for iPhone apps.
That updated version allows apps to be run and debugged in real time on all iPhone and iPod hardware without exception.

In short it is excellent. Not only have they included performance metrics, but just like the Simulator version you can set breakpoints, inspect and edit shaders, textures, buffers and all aspects of the OpenGL ES state engine on the device, at run time, on production code. I blogged about it some time ago here

The more recent Beta has been further improved, and I was able to debug live on all of my development devices, and in the Simulator, seamlessly and in concert with Xcode to refine the performance of my apps by respectable percentages.

From Gremedy:

The upcoming gDEBugger iPhone version includes on-device debugging and profiling abilities, running in real-time and letting developers optimise their game on the actual iPhone device. gDEBugger iPhone displays invaluable inside information such as iPhone’s GPU, CPU, graphic driver and operating system performance counters.

gDEBugger is a tool I would find myself hard put to do without these days. A big plus is that the guys at Gremedy are extremely enthusiastic and helpful, and they offer a range of packages and support for their excellent products.

Details of their attendance at this years Game Developers Conference in San Francisco are below this article. Even if you can’t get to the conference then it’s worth getting in touch with them about this product.

It should be noted that they are also showing off their new OpenCL Debugger. Right now this is not necessarily pertinent to current iPhone and iPod development. But it is certainly of interest to desktop developers, and may well play a part in future more ambitious silicon we are sure to see in newer iPhone, iPod and iPad revisions.

From Gremedy:

gDEBugger CL is a new and exciting product; it brings all of gDEBugger’s Debugging and Profiling capabilities to the OpenCL developer’s world. gDEBugger CL, now in beta testing, supports all OpenCL implementations on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Here are those details I promised on the presentations at this years GDC. Will I see you there? Let me know in the comments.

GDC, San Francisco, March 9th – 13th Gremedy’s program:

Khronos OpenCL session
As part of this session, we will demonstrate the new gDEBugger CL debugging and profiling an OpenCL based fluid dynamics application.

* Thursday (March 11) 1:30pm-2:30pm Room #123, North Hall

Khronos OpenGL session
The latest of gDEBugger GL and gDEBugger iPhone will be demonstrated at the demo area in the back of the room. Demos will be held before and after the OpenGL session.

* Thursday (March 11) 3:00pm-4:00pm Room #123, North Hall

You are welcome to visit us at the Expo show floor, see the latest analysis features of gDEBugger in action and talk with the gDEBugger development team.

We will be located at the NVIDIA booth (#1702), Developer tools pod, on:
* Thursday (March 11th) 2:00pm – 6:00pm
* Friday (March 12th) 10:00am – 2:00pm
* Saturday (March 13th) 12:30pm – 3:00pm

NVIDIA Theater
An “Advanced OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenCL debugging and profiling using gDEBugger” demo and presentation will be given by the gDEBugger team.

* Saturday (March 13) 11am, NVIDIA booth (#1702)

Khronos BOOTH
You are welcome to visit us at the Expo show floor, see the latest analysis features of gDEBugger in action and talk with the gDEBugger development team.

We will be located at the Khronos booth (#1443)

The gDEBugger team looks forward to meeting you at the Game Developer Conference.

More information at :

By: Stephen Northcott


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