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Garfield – Train Your Brain Rating: ★★½☆☆

The brain training market continues to grow across all platforms and the iPhone/iPod Touch is no different, search the app store and you’ll find pages of apps claiming to boost you memory power or at the very minimum stop it from decreasing. The latest to join the crowded market is Garfield – Train Your Brain which does exactly what you’d expect, it provides the usual brain training tasks presented to you by America’s, if not the worlds, favorite cat.

• A brain exercising game dipped in Garfield’s comical sarcastic humor.
• A ‘Training Mode’ with more than 20 fun-filled and immersive games under major brain trainFing categories like Math, Logic, Visual and Memory.
• Unlockable bonuses achieved with high score and outstanding performances.
• A ‘Test Mode’ to have a quick challenge with your family and friends.
• Comical art deco enhances your gameplay experience in Garfield’s comical world.

If you’ve played brain training style games before you’ll be on familiar ground. The areas of competency are Math, Visual, Logic and Memory and each set is broken down into 5 separate areas, some of which are only unlocked when a gold medal on early levels are completed to a satisfactory level. Each test or challenge is introduced with a sly and sarcastic one liner from Garfield which after a while can become a little bit tiresome.

The game is broken down into three areas, Training where you can hone your skills in the fours areas, Challenges which are quick fire tests to compare with your family and friends and finally the Test area where all your training is scored to give you an overall rating. However, there is no ability to review the progress that you have made over time so the results can be pretty meaningless without anything to compare them too. While multiple profiles can be used so family and friends can all keep track of their progress, although there is no ability to compare your scores or upload them online which would have been a nice addition esp. to compare by same sex, age, location etc.

The graphics and sound would feel more at home on an old 64 bit console rather than the polished graphics that iPhone and iPod Touch usually have these days and it gives the game an overall dated feel . Although if your are used to the simple graphics of the Garfield cartoon then you won’t feel out of place.

Overall the game doesn’t add anything to the Brain Training genre and while it can be entertaining initially the lack of options and tracking will make it’s lasting appeal limited. Perhaps this game is for Garfield, Odie and Nermal fans only?

[Update] Garfield – Train your brain has been temporarily removed from the App Store and we got an update about the game status from the publisher – Indiagames

“The game is down now and soon the game will go live with some tech changes,…” – Head of Marketing, Indiagames Ltd.

Price $2.99

The Good

  • Garfield is as cutting in his remarks as ever.
  • Easy to pickup n play

The Not So Good

  • No ability to track progress
  • No multi-player or online functionality
  • Old school graphics

Reviewed By: Craig Willis


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